Costa Rica Wild Life… It’s a Jungle out There

Costa Rica is one of the most protected countries in the World for wild life and has placed about 25% of their entire land mass into reserves and national parks.  The various climates and regions of Costa Rica are home to tons of animal, bird, and insect species.  Tourists come from all over the World to visit Costa Rica for its picturesque beauty and to view exotic animals in their natural environment.

In the Southern Pacific Zone where we live it is still mostly undeveloped there is tons of wild life.  There is Manuel Antonio close by, which is the most visited national park in the country and as the saying goes; has more monkeys than people.  The Osa Peninsula is the Southernmost part of Costa Rica and according to National Geographic, “…is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet.” It is common for us to see a troop of White-Face monkeys passing through the canopy next to the house.

White-Face Monkey Surprise!

My neighbor even got a picture of one on his balcony railing and the monkey looks just as surprised as he was to see him.

There are also Howler Monkeys in the area around Dominical and you can hear their deep bellows from miles away.  This is a real jungle sound and I enjoy hearing and seeing them, however, they can start their howling at 4am sometimes.  Other monkeys in Costa Rica and the Southern Zone are Spider Monkeys and cute small Squirrel Monkeys.

Other mammals in the jungles of Costa Rica are the Sloths, Pasote (which is in the raccoon family and they travel in packs of extended family), Giant Ant Eaters, Raccoons, Wild Pigs, White-Tail Deer, Ocelots, Jaguarondis (small jungle cat), and even Jaguars which are rarely ever spotted.

The nocturnal animals keep the rain forest moving late into the night with Kincachoos, most of the jungle cats, various snakes (yes there are plenty of snakes poisonous and non-venomous), owls, and more.

We are fortunate to see Toucans almost every day right next to the house in the Guayrumba trees, which they like to eat the fruit.  The flocks of green parrots fly overhead and land on nearby trees squawking it up to each other about something.  Also we can enjoy humming birds hovering around certain flowering shrubs we planted and there are many species in the area.

The species of insects is also immense in Costa Rica, as it is a rain forest.  However, at more elevated altitude they do not bother you much at the house, but you will see a new one you’ve never seen from time to time. Tons of butterflies too, such as the Blue Morpho pictured above.

If you are nature enthusiasts and love wild life Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit, enjoy a second home, or retire in paradise.  If you are looking for a property or home surrounded by tropical rain forest and abundant wild life, at Dominical Property we can help.  Contact us today!!