How to Move to Costa Rica with Only $50,000 USD

Most people dream about moving to a tropical paradise and enjoying the beach and beautiful scenery while living a laid back lifestyle.  Then reality strikes and they think it is an impossible dream only for the wealthy and they go back to plugging away at the ‘rat race’.  Well, this dream can become a reality and for less than one would imagine.  In this blog we will discuss on how to leave it all behind and move to Costa Rica on a budget of $50,000 USD.

First you will need to find the right land for an affordable price.  This is surely the most important aspect because this will be your largest investment in the process and the more you can save here, the better for building and living expenses down the road.  We have affordable lot listings starting at $25,000 USD and keeping it under $30,000 USD will be essential to making the numbers work.  Properties in this price range are tough to find and are usually undeveloped or with bad access, so finding one that is ready or close to ready to build will be an important factor

This titled property is only $25,000 USD for 2.14 acres with jungle views and bordering a small mountain creek at the bottom.  Actually a good amount of land and plenty of it usable as well.  The property has decent access, a finished building site, and plenty of its own forest which you could have a hiking trail down to the stream.   Wildlife and nature all around, plus only 15 minutes to Dominical and the beaches.

Now you got the property you need a home, so build yourself a YurtWhat is a Yurt?  It is an octagonal home that is easily constructed in days, not months.  The basic ‘Enduro’ is base priced at only $15,000 for delivery and construction including windows and door.

Let’s say $20,000 to $22,000 USD once you build a platform for it, buy light fixtures, water faucets, toilet, furniture, and maybe add a few upgrades like wood paneled ceiling pictured above.

So far we are invested $45,000 to $47,000 USD and have titled property and a finished roof over our heads.  Now it’s time to plant your organic veggies and fruits and raise some free range chickens that also lay eggs and possibly dig a Tilapia pond (which could be done on the property above using the creek as the water source).   Corn, papaya, bananas, platanos, yucca, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, lettuce, and more all grow fairly quickly.  Tilapia and chickens both grow large enough to eat in just 3 months!

Here comes the frugality part, live modestly one whatever savings you have left while your fruits, veggies, chickens, and Tilapia grow enough to sustain your life in paradise!

*Price of vehicle for transportation not included in $50,000 USD.  A cheap car, decent ATV 4-wheeler, or good motorcycle could be purchased for around $5,000 USD; otherwise it’s walking and catching the bus to get around.

5 thoughts on “How to Move to Costa Rica with Only $50,000 USD”

  • Tod keller

    Can you send me more info on this

  • Kate

    What if one is a Costa Rican citizen by virtue of having been born there? Is it an advantage or a disadvantage? What if one is not looking for scenic property just a decent livable home?

    • dominicalproperty


      That would be an advantage for some aspects, however, foreigners do have the same property rights as citizens in terms of purchasing titled property. We have some affordable homes for sale in this area. Contact me via email at And check out the website


  • Richard Sher

    Nicely done, although finding a reliable vehicle for $5,000 sees like near impossible. I paid $6k for a peace of crap that needed a new motor, clutch, brakes ..and more. I’d peg the introduction price more like $12,000 and that’s cutting corners.
    I with you though. Recently purchased one acer of land for $25K but it is in the blue zone near Hojancha. There is power, great water cooler temps (2300′ above the sea level) safe and spectacular views. For now I’m looking for feedback on what do build:

    Please stay in contact
    Richard Sher
    My main business is in Tamarindo where I rent for vacation stays.

    • dominicalproperty


      Yes, this article was written a while back and now it would be much tougher to move to CR with $50k. Congrats on your land find, sounds like a great property!

      We are much further south in the Dominical-Uvita area. A pre-fab concrete house could be a good option for more affordable concrete construction.

      Thanks again,

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