The Costa Ballena: Your Relocation Destination!

Costa Ballena

The Costa Ballena has been high on the list of top international destinations for decades, but because of poor roads and minimal infrastructure it was widely overlooked. Fast-forward twenty years and the region is now more than an eco-tourism jewel of Costa Rica.

Physically, the territory is an idyllic blend of jungle-covered mountains rolling down to the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Major advances in infrastructure highlighted by the completion of Highway 27 (La Costanera Sur) has invited an influx of ticos, tourists, expats, and investors alike. A trio of captivating small towns, each possessing its own unique charm and allure, have grown into charming relocation destinations. Dominical (renowned as a laid-back surf town), Ojochal (an international culinary haven), and Uvita (a burgeoning town that serves as the centerpiece of this vibrant region). Collectively, these enclaves offer an invitation to those seeking the perfect place to relocate, invest, and most importantly… embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Dominical, or “Domi” as the locals call it, exudes a bohemian vibe that has earned it the reputation of a quintessential hippie surf town. Vibrant cafes and other small businesses dominate the main street that leads to a two-mile long beach lined with palm trees. The hills above Domi and its sister town of Dominicalito are considered “prime” Costa Rican real estate attracting investors who want the ocean view and jungle, yet still close to the beach. Whether your budget is $400,000 or $4 million, Dominical probably has it. Lastly, it is conveniently located 30 minutes south of the Quepos regional airport and 15 minutes north of the next town on the list.

At the heart of the Southern Pacific Zone, Uvita (small grape) serves as the new centerpiece of this captivating region. Before the Costanera Sur was completed, Uvita was isolated from Dominical and Ojochal. Now, Uvita’s charm lies in its harmonious blend of modern conveniences (think- full-service banks, grocery stores, and our office) and the natural beauty that surrounds it. Rivers, waterfalls, and beaches, including the Marina Ballena National Park, offer endless opportunity to reconnect with nature and your healthy lifestyle—the bi-weekly farmer’s market being an example. As a hub for commerce and community, Uvita is emerging as a prime destination for those seeking a balance between urban amenities and a connection with nature. It also has some of the best ocean views, specifically those properties with the coveted Whale’s Tail reef formation (check out current listings here).

Continuing 15-minutes south on the Costanera Sur, you arrive at unassuming entrance into Ojochal, named after the Ojoche tree. Long before the coastal highway was completed, Ojochal was the first town in the area that was “developed.” Large farms and parcels were subdivided into ocean view and mountain view lots. The first “boom” of development occurred in this large valley framed by the Talamanca range, and it grew into international enclave it is today.


A harmonious blend of expats and ticos showcase the town’s rich flavor. And speaking of flavor… culinary enthusiasts will delight at the variety of gastronomic treasures. Elegant fusion restaurants get top billing, but the bakeries and cafes offer delightful options all day long. Real estate in Ojochal varies, but it boasts the highest number of affordable and ocean view homes and lots in the area.

Beyond their individual appeal, what unites these three destinations is the Southern Pacific Zone’s commitment to fostering a friendly, safe, and healthy lifestyle. The communities here are known for their welcoming spirit, creating an environment that encourages meaningful connections and a sense of belonging. At the time of writing, there are four international schools thriving in the area. We have also developed an amazing network of professionals (lawyers, escrow agents, topographers, home inspectors, etc.) that assist us with the due diligence process.

Moreover, the Southern Pacific Zone embraces a holistic approach to living, promoting a healthy lifestyle in tune with the pristine natural surroundings. Whether it’s a long walk on the beach or exploring a jungle trail, the region offers abundant opportunities for wellness and rejuvenation. For those who prefer their exercise under a roof, there are also a variety of yoga studios and fitness gyms along the coast.

In conclusion, the Southern Pacific Zone, with its trifecta of Dominical, Ojochal, and Uvita, stands as the perfect destination for those looking to relocate and invest in a place that offers more than whale tours and zipline adventures. It beckons you with open arms, promising a life enriched by community, safety, and the natural wonders of the Southern Pacific Zone. If you would like more information on the area or purchasing property in Costa Rica, you can reach us here.