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So you bought a property, home, or farm in Costa Rica and you are not a full time resident, now what?  The best option is to hire someone to protect your hard earned investment.  A professional property management company can give you peace of mind while living abroad; especially if you only get to visit a couple times per year.  If you own a home or vacation rental the manager can arrange any maintenance projects, help renters get settled and be on call for any of their needs, collect security deposits and inspect for any damages, arrange cleanings, gardens, and pool care.  A house left alone can become a more expensive proposition by leaving it alone until a major project or maintenance job is needed versus periodic minor cleaning and upkeep.  For lots, properties, and farms keeping them frequently chopped, borders clean and marked, and views open are the most important services provided.  The jungle grows really fast around here and property can become completely overgrown in just 3 months time.  Also a property manager can pay property taxes, monthly bills, worker’s salary and insurance, HOA fees (if applicable), and more.

No matter where you buy in Costa Rica it is worth hiring a professional property manager or caretaker to insure your property is well cared for and looked after.  If you are a home or property owner in the Dominical-Costa Ballena area, then we at United Country – Properties in Domincal can help with any management needs.  Below are some of the property management services we offer our customers.

Property Management Services

  • Routine inspections of property or home and identification of any preventative maintenance needs.
  • Set up utility services such as internet, satellite or cable TV, phone, etc.
  • Facilitate payments of workers, phone, internet, power, TV, association fees, home insurance, property taxes, and more.
  • Provide monthly balance statements and receipts.
  • Custom cleaning and gardener schedules specific to each property or home.
  • Pool and landscaping maintenance.
  • Facilitate quotes and oversee additional projects such as remodeling.  And provide photos and feedback of the process and finished work to owners.
  • Concierge Service for vacation rentals such as; arranging tours, stocking groceries, restaurant reservations, and in home massages.
  • Advertisement of the vacation rental on our website and other lead generating websites and answering inquiries from such websites and booking reservations.
  • Welcoming guests to the vacation rental and walking them through the home and its features.
  • Fumigation for insects and termites around the house.
  • Clear overgrown vegetation, frequent trimming, maintain open views, and clean boundary lines regularly for lots, land, and farms.
  • Assist with the permit process and oversee development of the property for development parcels.

2 thoughts on “Property Management”

  • Paul Wilkis

    I am a licensed property manager in Florida and am interested in relocating to Coast Rica. What are the employment prospects in the field?

    • dominicalproperty


      Yes, there is opportunity for that business here with many absentee owners. I too am from Florida and love living here full time for the past 9 years!

      Keep reading the blog and I hope to meet you down here one day soon!


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