Property Management

“Alguinaldo” – Christmas Bonus

Tis’ the season for “Alguinaldo” or Christmas Bonuses in Costa Rica.  Every December this mandatory payment for full time employees is due and many count on this for their holiday season expenses. Often called the 13th month of salary, the “Alguinaldo” is equal to one month’s average pay.  The easiest way to calculate your employee’s “Alguinaldo” is to take their weekly salary and...

Property Management

So you bought a property, home, or farm in Costa Rica and you are not a full time resident, now what?  The best option is to hire someone to protect your hard earned investment.  A professional property management company can give you peace of mind while living abroad; especially if you only get to visit a couple times per year.  If you own a home or vacation rental the manager can arrange any...

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