Mamones Farm – Field of Dreams

About 40 minutes South of Dominical in San Buenas, Cortes there is a huge Mamones farm we like to visit to pick fresh Mamones.  It is lots of fun to bring the whole family and get as much as you can eat to last a week, not to mention filling up while you are picking them right off the tree.

The Mamone is a golf ball sized fruit with red peal and soft spikes also called Lechies in Asia.  Inside is a grape like substance that is clearish-white in color around a small pit.

We have been going to this particular farm for a few years and they sell us the best Mamones in the entire Southern Zone of Costa Rica, in my opinion.  Most all their trees are grafted (which we discussed in an earlier blog on Planting Fruit Trees) so they fruit while they are still young and low to the ground.

First the local farmer cuts down the fruit for us to gather.

We fill our sacks and bags, all the while stuffing ourselves with all you can eat smorgasbord.

Then we haul our “cosecha” or harvest to where the farmer weighs how much we gathered.  We used to go to a farm that was hilly terrain years ago, but this one is all flat and much better fruit.

He weighs the sacks and bags full of Mamones and we pay by weight.

Then we load up our goody bags and go home to eat Mamones for a week or in our case a weekend!  One of the many perks of living in paradise; fresh exotic fruits year round due to varying seasons for each kind!!

4 thoughts on “Mamones Farm – Field of Dreams”

  • Judy

    Oh my gosh, we have never seen a real mamones tree before. We are visiting CR for the first time July 4-10, will it be season then? How far is the drive from Jaco? And lastly, how much does it cost per pound. We would love to come here if we can squeeze it in to our trip.

    • dominicalproperty

      It is about 2 hours South of Jaco.

  • Chris

    Hello, we will be visiting costa rica this coming July, could you give a more precise address of the farm ?

    • dominicalproperty


      Email me at It is not a commercial business or tour, we just happen to know the guy. I would be happy to ask him if he would mind you all stopping by as well. I think there maye some Momones ready in July…


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